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Solutions with Vuototecnica vacuum valves and solenoid valves

Solenoid valves and coaxial valves for compressed air… but serving vacuum!

Once again Vuototecnica pushes its limits and once again presents solutions that reduce overall dimensions with the same efficiency and with greater capacity: this time, in the field of valves and solenoid valves for compressed air.
VPE vacuum solenoid valves in particular were designed for the pneumatic supply of Vuototecnica’s wide range of single-stage and multi-stage vacuum generators.
They are coaxial and compact solenoid valves for compressed air but at the same time guarantee high volumetric flow rates: up to 600 l/min at 6 bar pressure.
Vuototecnica developed these valves to supply its vacuum generators pneumatically, thus ensuring their best performance.
VPE vacuum solenoid valves
pneumatic coaxial sleeve valve The pneumatic coaxial sleeve valve, code 07 02 90, was designed to intercept the compressed exhaust air of single stage vacuum generators through a silicone sleeve membrane.
They can handle operating pressures between 1.5 and 7 bar and can be controlled by means of vacuum switches or pneumatic switches. The silicone sleeve, pneumatically pressed, occludes the venturi exhaust by directing the flow of compressed air towards the suction port of the venturi and essentially producing a counter-blow, which in turn can be useful for various tasks: releasing the suction cups at speed; cleaning the vacuum circuit, especially in dusty environments where the suction cups could recover chips, residues, dust. Therefore, it proves to be very useful in companies processing and handling products made of wood, building materials, cardboard, beauty and food, and in all cases where you want to release the parts handled by the suction cups quickly.
This pneumatic sleeve valve allows the management of single stage ejectors with a maximum flow rate of 15-20 mc/h and it is perfect for MSVE multifunction ejectors.
In fact, even if MSVE ejectors are already equipped with a valve that manages the counter-blow, they can benefit from a greater concentration of the counter-blow flow only towards the suction cups by mounting this sleeve valve on the outlet. Without this valve (070290), a part of the counter-blow would be dispersed through the MSVE silenced exhaust. It goes without saying that it can be an additional advantage when a very high counter-blow pressure is required, as happens, for example, when cleaning suction cups equipped with calibrated suction sections or self-excluding valves or in other specific application fields.
MSVE multifunction ejectors

Big solenoid valves for big products: Bologna vacuum packing

In the video you can see the vacuum packing of big bologna of a well known brand of Italian cold cuts.

All proportionate to the volume of the product, the two vacuum chambers, which work alternately, needed equally large sections of solenoid valves in order to manage the suction capacities of the centralized vacuum system of the end customer.

So we designed big solenoid valves for big products, supplying three solenoid valves model 07 09 11 able to ensure a flow rate of 750mc/h each.
We know that the solenoid valves are useful in all those situations where a quick switch between the vacuum pump suction and the introduction of air into the circuit is necessary, for a quick restoration of the atmospheric pressure. The suction capacity, however, can only be guaranteed by the actual opening section of the vacuum solenoid valves.Thanks to an accurate design of the internal mechanics, Vuototecnica solenoid valves ensure low intervention times, negligible pressure drops, compact construction compared to the large connections they are equipped with, and minimum electrical absorption for their operation.

They can also be equipped with a low absorption electric pilot coil (2 watts): standard value for the compressed air valve market but not for vacuum solenoid valves where 14 watts pilot solenoids predominate. Vuototecnica valves offer energy saving and easier PLC management; they are all machined from aluminium billet, so as to eliminate even the slightest probability of leakage, which is known to occur on valve bodies machined by metal die-casting or plastic moulding due to possible micro cracks or blowing during production.
Vuototecnica solenoid valves have a very high construction value, particularly appreciated by those who have to deal with vacuum chamber packing. The tightness is guaranteed by two shaped vulkollan® conical shutters with high mechanical resistance.
solenoid valves 070911 070911 The stainless steel stem with hexagonal section is resistant to the highest stress from overpressure and to the chemical agents contained in the transported media. The contrast spring is made of shot peened stainless steel. The pilot diaphragm in polyurethane fabric serves to ensure a very high life time in relation to the actual strokes of the stem. And all internal components can be inspected and are easy to maintain.
The solenoid valves can be used normally closed or open, only by changing the connection position of the suction pipes and without acting in any way on the internal mechanical components. All Vuototecnica solenoid valves are specifically designed for the vacuum sector and offer the opportunity to make the most of the flow rate of vacuum sources.

Vuototecnica, back to the future: vacuum solenoid valves, 2-way, directly operated

Vuototecnica was founded in 1975 from a project and a patent brought forward by Giuliano Bosi in the early seventies: vacuum solenoid valves, 2-way, directly operated.

These solenoid valves became over time icon of Vuototecnica ability to look to the experience of the early years and at the same time to innovation and sustainability.

They have not changed significantly from the seventies but their principle of operation can still be revolutionary compared to what is normally offered by competitors.
vacuum solenoid valves 2-way
They consist of an hot molded brass body, in which the connections are formed, of an internal mechanics with double shutter and an actuator driven by an electric coil.

Precisely for this peculiarity, they stands out among all the direct operated solenoid valves on the market, which typically fit, to open the same passages, powers which are up to 3-4 times higher.

Their appearance which is deliberately vintage hides therefore a patented functional principle from 40 years ago but which is extremely innovative and green even today. Vuototecnica vacuum solenoid valves, 2-ways, directly operated, are perfect as a vacuum breaker on board of vacuum packaging machines, degassers and autoclaves.

Vuototecnica self-closing valves handling glass panels of different shape and size

In this video you can see Vuototecnica selfclosing valves handling glass panels of different shape and size, in the following video.

For years, the Vuototecnica selfclosing valves have been successfully employed on manipulators for the withdrawal of sheets, marble slabs, wood panels and, in general, in all cases where there is a need of the operational flexibility of the gripping system, with products that are present in the picking area with varying shapes and sizes (note how many different plates the robot can handle, in the video!).

self-closing valve The biggest advantage of this application is that it is possible to concentrate and open suction only on the suction cups that come into contact – and with total seal – on the glass. As you can see, some plates have strange shapes and are slightly curved.

So the suction cups that remain outside the grip surface or do not adhere to a given point are excluded and the degree of vacuum and aspiration better concentrated on the others. Don’t worry about the positioning of the suction cups.

Vuototecnica PVP multistage ejector in this specific application provides power to bellows suction cups you can see in the video.
A flexible and compact circuit like no one, all aboard the gripping hand: it’s simply!

Vuototecnica two- and three-way vacuum solenoid valves: maximum suction flow, high cycle rates, the best sealing and small dimensions

Making the most of vacuum sources flow rate is necessary but that almost never happens. In fact, we find generally solenoid valves converted for compressed air, for the management of vacuum opening and closing, with the result that the intake passages are undersized and unsuited for the task.

Vuototecnica two- and three-way vacuum solenoid valves, instead, have an inner section that allows increased passages, calculated specifically for the vacuum management.

These solenoid valves are designed to manage the vacuum, with 2/2 and 3/2 configuration, with 1/4"-3/8" and 1/2" gas intake sections, and they are available in normally closed configuration.
3-way vacuum solenoid valves
2-way vacuum solenoid valves To allow the opening you have to energize them. Vacuum distribution bodies are obtained from solid aluminum, to ensure the seal without equal, even in presence of residual pressure with values that are lower than the 0.5 mbar.

The biggest advantage is that they allow a very high number of cycles per minute, because the electric coil acts directly on the core of the solenoid valve internal structure.

The solenoid valve shutter can be in NBR or in Vulkollan® and it is an integral part of the actuator movable core.

The two-way solenoid valves have both orifices of the same size, while the three-way solenoid valve all have the discharge orifice with a diameter of 3 mm, for it is obtained through the the steerer.
They all have very compact dimensions, a plus in all applications where it is necessary to limit the overall dimensions of the handling heads, or in the case of vacuum circuit installed in confined spaces.

Perfect vacuum seal and emptying speed, in vacuum bagging processes for composite materials

Vacuum pressing bags for composite fibers products require safe and easy to apply suction valves.
Vuototecnica designed its valves without neglecting any detail. VSS series valves consist of a steel distributor, which must be inserted inside the bag, and which is provided with a cam seat able to receive the connection fast coupling to vacuum. The joint is knurled, made ​​of anodized aluminum, very practical to connect to the distributor, simply by turning on its axis 90 degrees after having inserted it.

There is a silicone gasket among the joint, the distributor and the vacuum bag. It guarantees the perfect vacuum seal even in contexts of temperature autoclave.
VSS series valves
On VSS valve female threads 3/8" or ½" gas, you can mount two-way manual valves, quick release couplings or coupling for hoses.This ensures maximum flexibility but also the maximum suction flow rate.
The oversized VSS valves suction section distinguishes them in emptying performance from similar existing valves in the field of vacuum bagging for composite fibers. There are two available versions of these valves (VSS 3/8" and VSS ½") but Vuototecnica can customize the product to each manufacturer needs.

3-way servo operated solenoid valves for vacuum:
granted suction flow, high-speed intervention

We have witnessed a growing demand for solenoid valves by automation manufacturers in the packaging industry in recent years. But this demand is not always satisfied in the right way.

Thanks to the strength of over thirty years of experience in the field of vacuum and to a growing attention to research and customers’ practical needs, Vuototecnica wanted to conceive a solution that would be effective and at the same time fast; and so, designed a series of 3-way servo operated solenoid valves, at high-speed operation, for flow rates up to 600 mc/h (code 070913).

The use of these solenoid valves is critical for intercepting vacuum on power supplies and palletizers with suction cups, vacuum thermoforming machines, vacuum packaging machines, slotter for cardboard, bag opener, and in all cases where it is necessary to quickly switch between the aspiration of vacuum pump and the air inlet in the circuit, for a fast restoration of the atmospheric pressure, depending on the application needs.
3-way servo operated valve
07 01 13 Those working in the chamber vacuum packaging sector understand the importance of suction flow rate, which can only be ensured by real opening diameter of the vacuum solenoid valves.

Thanks to a careful design of the internal mechanism, Vuototecnica 3-way servo operated solenoid valves ensure exceptionally low response times, almost negligible pressure drop, compact construction compared to large connections and minimum power consumption for their operation.

In fact, they can be equipped with low consumption piloting electric coil (2 watts), which of course is common and standard for the market of valves for compressed air, but not for the solenoid valves used for vacuum management where piloting solenoids from 14 watts of power still predominate.

For this reason, Vuototecnica solenoid valves offer energy-saving and PLC easier management.
Vuototecnica solenoid valves are all created from solid aluminum, so as to eliminate the minimum probability of loss; which is instead notoriously found on valve bodies derived from metal die casting or from plastic molding due to micro cracks or blowholes during production.

Vuototecnica stands out for constructive attention, to make long-lasting components and exalt its functionality:
• Sealing on the abutment seats is ensured by two conical molded Vulkollan® shutters, at high mechanical strength.
• Stainless steel hexagonal stem/spool able to withstand the higher stresses from piloting overpressure and chemicals in the carried media.
• Contrast spring and stainless steel shot-peened return.
• Polyurethane canvas piloting membrane, ensuring a long life compared to actual stem/spool runs.
• All internal components can be inspected and are easy to maintain.

Solenoid valves can be used normally open or closed, simply by changing the position of intake pipe connection and without affecting components of internal mechanics: such as springs or membranes.
In addition, evidence of the design effort, to maximize operational efficiency, all Vuototecnica 3-way servo operated solenoid valves can manage a pressing counter blow on the third discharge way; both in the normally closed and in the normally open configuration.
This is an operation which is very appreciated by end-users, when there is a need to speed up grip and release machine cycles with suction cups or for easy cleaning suction pipes, especially in dusty environments.

Save time and energy with Vuototecnica’s new servo operated solenoid valves!

Power supply units, suction palletisers for production and logistics; vacuum thermoformers and vacuum packaging machines in the packaging industry; robots of all sorts, sheet feeders or bag openers. Vacuum technology can be applied to many fields in the industrial sector.
In all situations in which we use vacuum technology, the switch is of fundamental importance. Whether suction cups are used or not, to facilitate an easy exchange between the vacuum pump suction and the air intake into the circuit, solenoid valves which create vacuum and restore the atmospheric pressure to the desired level, according to applicative requirements are necessary. Ensuring quick and correct vacuum is not a simple task because response times are not always those we desire.
Today it is possible to optimise intervention times thanks to the new 3-way servo operated solenoid valves 2” and 3” GAS by Vuototecnica, to increase suction up to 600 cum/h.
No one like those working in the chamber vacuum packaging sector understands the importance of the concept of suction flow, which can only be ensured by real opening diameter of the vacuum solenoid valves.
Vuototecnica‘s 07 08 13 and 07 09 13 solenoid valves ensure real suction flow diameters of 50 and 80mm.
In addition to being extremely quick and efficient, they operate with a low consumption electric coil which allows for a significant savings in energy and simple PLC management.
servo operated solenoid valves

Self-closing valves, the efficiency of the Vuototecnica grip since the ’80s

The Vuototecnica commitment has always been to ensure its customers efficiency and energy savings. In this same vein, Vuototecnica has been designing and manufacturing self-closing valves for application on various types of suction cups since the 1980s.
These special one-way valves, when the object to be taken is missing, are able to automatically and hermetically close the suction part of the cup, in this way allowing the flow field of the vacuum source to concentrate only on the gripping suction cups, without undesirable reduction of the degree of vacuum.
Self-closing valves
For years now, Vuototecnica has been successfully working on suction manipulators for gripping sheeting, glass or marble slabs, wood panels or, in any case, where there is a need for maximum operational flexibility on grippers, for differing shape and size products arriving in the withdrawal area.

In addition, the 14..05/10/15 series valves are characterised by the fact that they can be calibrated in operational sensitivity by means of an adjustment screw that acts on the opposing force of the springs contained in it. This option provides the user the opportunity to adjust the self-closing valves depending on the volume of the suction cup associated with it.

For different reasons during in-line manipulation, suction cups may not properly grip the object to be withdrawn. The need remains, however, for the safety of a non-lowering of the degree of vacuum in the network and the opportunity to retry the suction cup gripping, simply moving it closer to the surface to be gripped.
Vuototecnica has also thought of this possibility and proposes their 14..11 series self-closing valves with the same functions as those just described but with controlled loss. The grip shutter of these valves allows for minimum suction even when closed, thus allowing the suction cup grip to simply rest again on the surface of the object to be withdrawn. The lowering of the degree of the vacuum, in the absence of an object to be withdrawn, remains controlled and recovered by the flow field of the vacuum source. All Vuototecnica self-closing valves can work in any position and are made completely of anodized aluminium. Self-closing valves

New solenoid valves for vacuums, for even faster responses

A new, fully innovative series of solenoid valves for vacuums to guarantee exceptionally low response times have been created from Vuototecnica research and experience.
They are three-way vacuum solenoid valves, pilot-operated for capacities exceeding even 200 mc/h: They are used for vacuum interception on power supply units and suction palletizers, vacuum thermoformers, vacuum packaging units, robots, feeders, bag opening units and in all those cases where rapid exchange between pump suction for vacuums and air supply into the circuit is necessary for quick restoration of atmospheric pressure.

Solenoid valve technical features Art. 07 08 13

• Connections: Ø 2″gas
• Capacity: Nmc/h 300
• Working pressure: from 0.5 to 1000 absolute mbar
• Actuator pressure: from 4 to 8 bar
• Suctioned fluid temperature: from – 5 to + 60°C

At the link you can find out further information about the technical features of three-way, pilot-operated, large capacity solenoid valves.
07-08-13 solenoid valve